And the Hits just keep on coming

There are places we go every year. In previous years this wonderful place never had a Water Fall, just trickles and pools. Now we have Twin Falls and gorgeous flora as well. How cool is this? This, BTW, is the end of the trail. We ended up with skinned knuckles, a small amount of blood letting and wet feet to get to this place. It was worth it. Wanta go with us?


Christmas W/O Us

Christmas 2016 brought new body parts for Paula and a travel restriction for Duane and Paula. Christmas went on without us. . . . As it should. We missed all these magnificent people, but am proud of them for the extraordinary lives they are living!


These Little people (Sorry Maddie and Abbie – You’re no longer little) make Every day special. That said, Maddie and Abbie make every day special too.


I Expect. . . . .

I expect that the only way to figure this (WordPress) out is to use it. I tell  myself (Wrongly, I expect) that I am as computer savvy as the next 72 year old. This may or may not be true. . . . Only time will tell. I do know (From years of experience) that I possess the patience of a gnat. At times this has served me well (Quick decision making) and at others (Hasty decision making) not so well. All in all, “It is what it is!” img_1520