And Then We Headed North

We have selected an array of photos to track our progress . . . .Enjoy and stay tuned – We aren’t done yet!

We visited with George and Abe and the Boys. Great fun and great pics.

In Sioux Falls there is this fantastic family of Roggows!! There is also a real “Falls.”

Crazy Horse will probably look a lot like this in 50 years, but you have to give a “Tip of the Hat” to their dream! I hope my Great Grand children get to see this finished.

Aspens in Colorado!!

Skeeter and Paula take a train ride outta Durango, CO

If you get the chance take this train ride in October!!

Tom and Nan

Paula and her new camera getting a workout.

A visit to the Air Force Academy has been on our (Well, really Duane’s list) bucket list for some time. Today we see it LIVE! it does not disappoint. It was better as we shared this experience with Rod & Herme our great friends from Colorado Springs.


Oh No! I Killed Tom!


My Intrepid Hiking Buddy, Tom, takes a break! He’s fine, just a little worn out. Lucky for us we had a chilled pool of ice water to revive our aching feet. There are many rewards and benefits to taking to the trails. Finding cooling pools and water falls are just two.  The only thing we risked on this particular day was that this was way deep into the mountains and we had to hike back out. . . There is no icy pool at the end. Drats!

If you’re a Lizard, Some days just suck!


We see the most amazing things on the trail! This day we were fortunate enough to see the “Circle of Life” thing take place in real time. Being always aware of our surroundings we spied an “Almost Dead” lizard on the trail. A few feet away was a Giant Rattlesnake patiently waiting for the lizard to be “Completely Dead.” We carefully backed up and watched. Soon Mr. Snake approached the now dead lizard and just eats him up head first!! Very Cool.  Check out his rattles!!!